Paule Ryckembeusch

Heilpraktiker U.E.H.P.

Researcher, energy therapy

and cellular memory

By creating this institute that carries her name, Paule Ryckembeusch endeavours to reunite two antagonistic views of the world: that of reason and that of the spirit, that of the professor of medicine and that of the energy therapist. PRERI members are committed to caring for all.

PRERI respects the Helsinki Declaration of the World Medical Association, and shares the same goal of healing with the medical community at large.



Our hearts are asphyxiated by the absence of fundamental universal kindness.
Looking upon others with kindness transcends and elevates our hearts.
Each one of us exists beyond our situation and
deserves our complete and full attention.
Each one of us is part of a whole of which we are the custodians.
PRERI is committed to healing mind and body.
Kindness has miraculous ambitions and
PRERI the ambition of clarifying this mystery

Paule Ryckembeusch