IERPR conventions

The aim of IERPR conventions is to establish a dialogue between doctors and health practitioners in a complementary approach with one common goal: to respond to the needs of the patient all while encouraging them to become aware of their ability to be an actor in their own well-being by developing their self-healing capabilities.

The network of doctors and practitioners of IERPR seek to accompany the patient throughout the duration of their illness/injury, with an attitude of respect and empathy. This approach is the basis for lasting healing.

“From the Physical to the Energetic Body: Complementary Medicine and Healing” 

Photos – November 2017

Video congrès 2017

Intervenants – Novembre 2017


Shiatsu practitioner


Gemmotherapist, PDG Laboratory La Royale Ressource Vive Distribution SA


Psycho practitioner in AT, consultant, TEDex curator and speaker


Holistic and energetic dentist


Linguist Orientalist, acupuncture, naturopath


Radiologist, oncologist, Hartmann Clinic


Psychiatrist specialising in children, former intern in hospitals of Paris and practiced in hospital

Dr. Jacques Laisné

Retired doctor, homeopath, acupuncture, anthroposophy


Heilpraktiker U.E.H.P., independent researcher in Energetic Cellular Memory, IERPR founder and honorary president


Homeopath and micronanotoxicologist


Philosopher, translator, writer, former member of the International College of Philosophy


Neurosurgeon, professor at CHU Dijon


IERPR President

Testimonies from the 2017 IERPR convention

"Again, all my congratulations for the convention, the organisation, the passionate content"

“the fantastic speakers. I learned a lot, took a lot of notes, and met some beautiful people. I can’t wait for the 2nd!”

"Thank you my dear Paule, thank you, Martine, thank you to the devoted organisers, and to the discreet sponsors!"

“Thank you to each speaker and participant. This convention was a fountain of youth, such a warm group of people without competition or rivalry. It was a fluid collaboration, and a joyous complement of speakers; compassionate, true words, expressed from the therapeutic experience of each. Thank you for having opened the doors, and constantly sewn connections and rainbows.”

"What I experienced this Saturday was exactly what I imagined,"

“instantly revealing the existence of a grand celestial plan. The representatives of conventional medicine willing to speak with the representatives of alternative medicine with no rank, decorations, or Legion of Honour. It was wonderful meeting people who were open with such big hearts. Whether it was on stage, in the audience or during the breaks, the conversations were nourishing, courageous, human, supportive, validating, vibrating a 1000%. The joyful personality of Stéphane Roger, who did such an excellent job facilitating the exchanges between the speakers. And I especially enjoyed the truth that you spoke, Paule – every time you took the microphone, you radiated truth in every direction during this 1st convention – the first of many meetings between men and women of the highest calibre and motivation. I don’t want to forget to mention you, Martine as you read the uplifting testimonies; your voice was calm and transparent like water. It was a pleasure to be there, a pleasure to see humanity accept its responsibilities and stop seeking to blame others…”

"Again, a huge “well-done!” for this beautiful day, such a success! This was truly a day of happiness."

"Thank you to you all, dear friends for this beautiful initiative that was successful on every level."

“Fortunately, there are still people motivated by research and who know how to make things happen.”

"I would like to express how inspiring the convention was. It was so well-organised!"

“You brought together quality speakers from various backgrounds that were very interesting, and the MC was extremely professional. We never got tired of listening to the speakers whose words were in line with who they are and grounded in life experience, which made them all the more authentic. The powerful and moving testimonies, read with talent and care by Martine. The gift bags were very nicely done. Lastly, I really enjoyed the sense of unity Paule created as she asked us all to join hands at the end of the convention – uniting us as a community. You won the bet you made for this convention, and I’m so glad you did!”

"You all put so much passion into launching this first convention. The audience members applauded"

“you numerous times, and you deserve our recognition for the courage you display as you work with human misery year after year. You’re not satisfied with just listening to and treating this misery; you seek to teach and share your knowledge and compassion – you have all my respect and sympathy. And we mustn’t forget Martine, whose work is so appreciated, someone who is present and attentive without fail. I sincerely thank you for your constant support and love you with all my heart.”

Healing through kindness