Save the date : 2e Congrès de l’IERPR

“Science, Energy and Therapeutic Innovation:

Medecines and Healing”

Saturday 23 November 2019, 9h–18h

Salons de l’Aveyron Paris Bercy, 17 rue de l’Aubrac 75012 Paris.


Therapist supervision workshop: Mental manipulation


Radiesthesia workshop with Paule Ryckembeusch


Our mission


A healing network for all, in collaboration with health professionals and energy practitioners based on respect, listening and exchange.


Holistic patient care, focused as much on prevention as on healing, and based on empathy.


Knowledge and understanding of how to heal people, animals and plants through spiritual and energetic means.

The 1erIERPR convention took place in november 2017

IERPR conventions seek to establish complementary dialogue between doctors and health practitioners with one common goal: to respond to the needs of patients while encouraging them to become aware of their ability to self-heal.

Network of IERPR practitioners

IERPR health practitioners collaborate on a volunteer basis and include medical doctors, surgeons, dentists, osteopaths, pharmacists, nurses, therapists, etc. who work alongside and in alignment with energy practitioners. This special relationship that exists between the patient, the medical community and energy practitioners sits at the heart of the Institute’s creation.


IERPR Office

10 rue du Savourey
27230 Saint Aubin de Scellon
06 81 42 39 15

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Healing through kindness