Coaching in Energy Therapy

Paule Ryckembeusch offers a coaching programme in energy therapy and Energetic Cellular Memory, and also offers follow up coaching throughout the year.

After the themes of, “Light” in 2016, “Hope” in 2017 and “Sharing” in 2018 – 2019 will be the theme of “Love and Science.” Coaching classes for 2019 are open and are comprised of 4 groups of 6 people over 6 days of work for each group (see below).

Hours: 10am-6pm

Cost: 150 euros per day for the first 4 days of coaching and 100 euros for the 5th day of coaching, and 25 euros for the 6 th
day of coaching. A deposit of 100 euros is required for enrolment.

Note: Groups are formed on the 1st day of coaching (working in pairs) so it’s not possible to change groups during the coaching year.

Location: Office of Paule Ryckembeusch – 13/15 boulevard Soult 75012 PARIS

1st Day - The sacred art of healing

How to use energy judiciously in a healing session with love and science
Thought forms: How to understand and use them.

2nd Day - The endocrine glands

How they function, where they are located, their vibration and symbolism.

3rd Day - The organs

How they function, where they are located, their vibration and symbolism. How are they connected? 

4th Day - The brain

Its vibration, symbolism, and way of functioning. Follow up on the function of Energetic Cellular Memory.

5th Day - Review of the 4 coaching days

Questions, case studies.

6th Day - Exam (Oral and multiple-choice questions)

Presentation of Certificate of Energetic Aptitude from IERPR.

Group 1

Saturday 19 January 2019
Saturday 16 March 2019
Saturday 11 May 2019
Saturday 29 June 2019
Saturday 21 September 2019
Saturday 9 November 2019

Group 2

Sunday 20 January
Sunday 17 March
Sunday 12 May
Sunday 30 June
Sunday 22 September
Saturday 9 November

Group 3

Saturday 26 January
Saturday 23 March
Saturday 18 May
Saturday 6 July
Saturday 28 September
Saturday 9 November

Group 4

Sunday 27 January
Sunday 24 March
Sunday 19 May
Sunday 7 July
Sunday 29 September
Saturday 9 November

Registration process

IERPR Office

13, boulevard Soult
75 012 Paris
01 44 75 37 36

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