Paule’s research

Energy healing

When a therapist does energy work, he or she seeks to transmit the magnetic energy that exists between the Earth, the sky and human beings. This transfer of information enables the energy therapist to influence and rebalance the energy system of the body.

Energy heals the symptom.

Energetic Cellular Memory

Energetic Cellular Memory enables the therapist to reach the memories stored in the tissues of the body. By “deprogramming” traumatic memory traces, the body returns to health by freeing specific zones of the body, enabling the body to re-establish well-being.

Energetic Cellular Memory heals the cause of the symptom.

The Hippocampus and memory

Buried deep within each hemisphere of the brain, situated at the base of the temporal lobe, we all possess two hippocampi. In the brain the hippocampus is shaped like a seahorse. This cerebral structure encodes and stores our memories in the brain. Memory stored in the hippocampi represents an enormous library of memories, shocks, traumas and profound experiences.

The hippocampus plays a key role in the process of memorisation and in the Energetic Cellular Memory technique.

Books, articles and interviews – IERPR members and practitioners

Thought Forms

Interview with Paule Ryckembeusch

We carry within us all that is positive and negative in our environment. All our thoughts generate vibrations that act on our physical and mental bodies; these are called thought forms. By learning to listen to our bodies and work on these thought forms on a daily basis, the vibration of the thought can help our mind and body. It’s our internal posture that both protect us and be a force for change.

The Revolution of Doctors in the 21st Century

Article in Sapiens magazine

1st IERPR Convention : From the Physical to the Energetic Body, interview by Jean-Michel Vaysse.


Interview with Jean Lauxerois

The linear representation of time that governs the world and society is even more relative and debatable as it is nothing like our existential temporality; we could almost even say it runs counter time. This gap between two worlds of time is a major reason for today’s malaise and it forces us to deeply rethink the true nature of time, whose plasticity must allow an opening to metamorphous in all dimensions of our personal lives.

Towards a Convergence of Healthcare

Article dans Kaisen
(special edition 12):

An unprecedented interview with Dr. Rotenberg, radiologist specialised in oncology, and Paule Ryckembeusch, energy healer, who have been working together for 20 years.

Research and reading list / bibliographic links

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Homeopathy, naturopathy, phytotherapy

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Healing through kindness