"Paule has taught me to not just treat an illness, but to also treat the patient entirely, with a constant emphasis on empathy and caring."

Sophie de Laffont

I met Paule in November 2016. I went to see her due to a health problem that the doctor wanted to treat with disproportionate methods that were above all unsuitable for me. When I entered her office, I felt like I was at a friend’s house, between Martine who was typing away at the computer, and Paule who welcomed us with a smile. At the end of the consultation, I wanted to stay, curious to understand and learn about what had escaped me for 33 years as a practicing kinesiologist. Of course, I had studied other alternative ways of treating the body, but there was a piece of the puzzle missing. I soon saw Paule again about some grave family problems. She helped me get through that difficult time and simultaneously led me to question my professional path. I attended a training programme offered by Paule’s Institute, which was a serious training programme, yet it was equally filled with laughter; an experience that taught me to not only get back in touch with myself, but also with the world – rather the worlds around us. Paule taught me to not just treat an illness, but to also treat the patient entirely, with a constant emphasis on empathy and caring. I thank her so much all that she has taught me, and the warm moments shared together in 2018.

"À nous de veiller à ce que la flamme ne s'éteigne pas."

Nathalie Guillemin

“À travers ces lignes, je souhaite dire que la formation dispensée par Paule Ryckembeusch a été d’une formidable générosité; Elle nous a tout donné : de ses connaissances à son expérience de vie de soignante, tout cela dans la bienveillance. A nous de veiller à ce que la flamme ne s’éteigne pas. Merci!”

"Paule has an approach that inspires confidence; she never judges, and whatever our concerns, she treats it with the same engagement."

Anne-Dominique VAGNARD

I’ve been seeing Paule Ryckembeusch for several years. Thanks to her, many problems that kept me from enjoying life have been resolved.

Paule has an approach that inspires confidence and trust. She never judges and whatever the problem, she addresses it with the same level of commitment.

We started working on issues with my father, which had always been a huge block for me. Paule was able to help me see the situation from a different angle, which allowed me to come to peace with living my life without a relationship with my dad. For me, this was an enormous step. Thanks to Paule’s aid I became confident in myself.

Paule has also helped me with other problems I had, like back problems and various other health issues.

I’ve changed so much that my husband and his sons consult her!”

"In spite of the absence of pain, my diagnosis left a strange sensation of the inevitability of dying."

Daniel Henique

Clumsily, in my words, I tried to say how the negative effects of an illness can not only be helped by medical professionals, but also by the use of thought and intention on the patient’s body. May the medical world forgive me, but I continue to believe that we should recognise the power of hope.

1°) – Before I was stricken with cancer, I noticed that my spouse was calm upon returning from her consultation with Paule, and in the days following her appointment, she had more energy to face the challenges of daily life; husband, children, work, public transportation, family etc.

In spite of the absence of pain, my diagnosis left a strange sensation of the inevitability of dying, including the fear of unknown suffering for a man of 72 years.

As a former athlete, I often used my mind to overcome my body, especially while participating in competitions.

2°) – After the despondency that lasted several weeks following my diagnosis and acceptance of my illness, my “mind” gave me the following choices:

  • either pain and death
  • or pain and the use of the energetic resources across all of the following items:

Illness – hospitals – doctors – medical exams – diagnostics – surgeons – oncologists – anaesthesiologists – energy therapist (Paule) – nurses and their aides – radiation therapy (2 treatments) – chemotherapy (3 treatments) – surgeries (x3) – medications – homeopathy – hospital-acquired infections – family (spouse and children) friends – animals – home (bedroom, bed, cosiness, books, music, meditation, prayer…) food and products from bees – body treatments – moderate physical activity – sexual activity (diminishing due to the illness) – state of mind – religion – moon cycles – the seasons (spring…day, night, sun, rain, wind…) trees, flowers, vegetation – recovering patients – people in remission – making death arrangements.


Every item, directly or indirectly activated, contributes to combatting illness. In fact, my doctor says to me, “You’re lucky to be surrounded by a great support system.”

I want to underline Paule’s presence, who has given me a blessing, through her kindness, which has strengthened my life force.

All that remains is for me to offer the power of hope and to thank all these energies that push away a fata outcome during an illness.”

"Since meeting Paule, I no longer have toxoplasmosis crisis episodes and my vision hasn't ceased improving."

Julia Olmi

“I contacted Paule for the first time in January 2015 from the halls of Cochin hospital where I had just been admitted in emergency. Diagnosed several years earlier with a form of ocular toxoplasma, the virus that I would have all my life, lodged on the retina of my left eye. When I have a “crisis episode”, the condition literally eats my macula. What caused my emergency visit to the hospital this time was a particularly strong attack that threatened my ocular nerve and therefore my vision. For the first time no treatment seemed to slow the progression of the virus. Instead the virus appeared to become stronger each time I took the medication. In all, it took me 2 consecutive hospitalisations and 13 weeks of heavy medication to stop the virus. Between these hospitalisations, my immune system was severely compromised; I suffered from such a severe thrombocytopenia (extremely low blood platelet count) that I was put on bed rest immediately for fear of spontaneous internal haemorrhaging.

It was under these circumstances that I met Paule. At that time, I was, of course, physically exhausted, and anxious. My body was saturated with chemicals. I developed an addiction to anti-depressants and sleeping aids, which were necessary to offset the side effects of the 17 medications that I took on a daily basis for more than 3 months. I had lost about 25lbs.

Paule welcomed me, listened to me, spoke with me, and comforted me. She simply put her hands on me and I suddenly experienced a huge release. I was overcome by tears and fatigue. During the treatment my left eyelid wouldn’t stop shaking; keeping my eyes closed was a task. After leaving her office and arriving home I collapsed and slept for 18 hours straight!

More life-saving treatments with Paule followed. When I left the hospital in February 2015 my left eye had .5 vision (French measurement). In less than 3 years my vision improved to a 2.5! The ophthalmology specialist in ocular toxoplasma who was treating me considered this an “unexplainable” healing. At each 6-month check-up since the doctor continued to see improvement.

At one of our appointments I told Paule about a consultation I had with an endocrinologist. Among the residual problems I had after treating my eye condition, I had developed a slight hyperthyroid problem. Although everyone told me that “I was lucky that that was all I had,” I was warned that it could decrease my chances of conceiving. This threat was compounded by a previously diagnosed condition: endometriosis. When I was operated on in 2014 for this problem the doctors told me that it may be difficult for me to conceive to such an extent that I may not be able to get pregnant naturally.

In 2015, after everything I had been through and having finally reconnected with my body – I wanted a baby! It was so easy to speak with Paule that I told her about the opinions of the endocrinologist and the gynaecologist who agreed that I should take fertility tests if I hadn’t conceived after 9 months. Paule immediately reassured me; she was sure that my partner and I would have a baby and that it would happen naturally and quickly. The sensations I felt during Paule’s energy treatment were nothing compared to the relief we felt thanks to Paule’s comforting words that day. She not only knew how to give my body the energy it needed to conceive a baby, but she also knew how to liberate my mind from all the medical fears I had, and I was able to be serene during this period. Four months later I got pregnant!! My pregnancy was a beautiful time in my life, no problems whatsoever; not even nausea or contractions.

For the first time in a long time my body was a tool of LIFE. Today my daughter is 8 months old and is in perfect health.

Since I met Paule I’ve never had another toxoplasma attack, and my vision continues to improve.

My thyroid problem, while not completely gone, has stabilised and doesn’t require any medicine.

To this day I’ve never had another problem with endometriosis and in a few years, my partner and I envision having a second baby.

It’s so obvious that Paule has been a guardian angel for me and my family these last few years.”

"For our son, Paule’s help was very effective in resolving his hearing and pronunciation problems."

Irène et Dominique R.

“We met Paule in 1988.

First, for the mother, morale wasn’t so great.

During the first appointments the kids were very present.

We quickly entrusted Paule with the recurring nightmares of our oldest daughter, and the moodiness problems of her sister. Their problems were resolved.

For our son, Paule’s help was very effective in resolving his hearing and pronunciation problems.

Seeing the positive changes, the father was willing to meet Paule, and afterwards it was he who could tell when we (the kids, or us as a couple) needed a treatment. Paule would either see us together as a couple or individually. She helped us realise our responsibilities in the relationship and also helped each of us take our role in the family.

Concerning the kids’ orthodontic problems, she helped re-establish the circulation and relieve their pain – at a distance!

During the pregnancy of our 4th child, Paule helped with an ectopic pregnancy that saddened us deeply. She was able to get the baby to be positioned in the uterus in such a way that it wasn’t too heavy for her mom. Ameline was 10 days old when she opened her eyes wide just in time to see Paule and she relaxed in her arms instantly.

Next grandma met Paule, so Paule is taking care of all the family!

We have a strong, unexplainable connection with Paule.

All of our children were strongly supported by Paule in their academic pursuits, especially around exam time.

When our son became a father, he obviously took his family to see Paule. His 2nd child (4 years old now) told his parents that some of his best experiences were thanks to Paule.

Our family connection is strong and we all agree that part of that is thanks to Paule. We can’t say how, or why, but it’s the truth. She comforts and strengthens us mind and body. She’s not a guru, nor a psychologist, nor a healer – just an energy therapist, and we thank her for that.”

"I was the 25th in the world to have gone through a triple transplant."

Stéphanie Riester

“In November of 2002 I was dying. I was 29 years old and needed a double lung and liver transplant. I had cystic fibrosis, a genetic and incurable disease. At the time of my diagnosis in 1981 my life expectancy was 20 years.

The upcoming triple transplant was experimental; I was the 25th in the world to have undergone this procedure.

Many people didn’t survive it. I was warned of the risks. I was aware of, yet at peace with the idea of dying if the procedure failed.

A woman from Orleans died; she was going to save my life.

Hello everyone, today I’m 44 years old, and I wish you a beautiful day.

This transplant was a death and then a rebirth for me, but the path was very long. After a year and a half of hospitalisation, I was very weak. I had gone through quite a few serious complications, doubts, hopes and struggles to regain my strength. It’s useless to give you all the details of my suffering, but they were numerous, and it was a very trying experience.

A year and a half later, I was finally able to return home, but I had to completely rebuild my life, body and mind – I weighed 80lbs. I had shaved my head due to hair loss. Beginning to live again after having experienced a lot of mistreatment, even in the hospital, wasn’t easy.

My new liver was doing well, but I had a stenosis in the right bronchi, which is common due to the sutures between the donor and recipient’s organ. It’s like a thick internal scar, a narrowing of the opening in the bronchi. I had a stent for 6 months hoping that the stenosis would finally dilate allowing more air to flow. It bothered me but wasn’t that big of a deal. However, when the stent was removed there was another complication – the stent had caused a granuloma!!! Having a stent put in can cause these lesions – I knew it was a risk – so the result was even worse!

I was very unlucky – I whistled when I took a breath and the bronchi still hadn’t opened, which made me really tired. To dissolve a granuloma, you have to do laser treatments over and over – the treatments went on for a year!

One year of suffering, surgery, unbearable treatments, not to mention the stress that accompanied all of these. The rhythm was frightening when I think about it, but I was in “warrior mode”, so used to fighting that unconsciously I continued to undergo these horrible treatments robotically, with the pressure of medical doctors, treatments that unfortunately served no purpose besides plunging me into an abyss of depression.

The laser was not managing to dissolve the granuloma and I couldn’t take it anymore. I hated the hospitals and these painful treatments. My vocal cords were very damaged.

I would sometimes run away from the hospital at the last moment for fear of this fiberscope invasion. I must have had over 50 of them.

I fled!

In addition they often did bronchial alveolar lavages on me; injecting water in my lungs to clean the organ during a fibroscopy without any anaesthesia. In other words a kind of drowning. The woman performing the treatment was an “expert” I was told. An expert surely who would slap me during the fibroscopies because I trembled too much. My nerves couldn’t take it anymore.

I knew this internal drowning didn’t last for more than 10 minutes but it seemed interminable to me. Not to speak of frequent haemorrhages… I often spent the night in reanimation.

Unable to take anymore, I spoke about it to a friend who suggested that I go see Paule.

I arrived at her office for the appointment a little perplexed; energy therapy was an unfamiliar concept for me. I looked at it rationally because all my life I had only been exposed to conventional medicine that claimed to be the only way to treat and heal my illnesses.

In just 3 treatments from Paule I no longer whistled when I took a breath. My lungs were unblocked, and I could breathe deeply again. When I went back to the hospital the doctors were shocked because the granuloma had completely disappeared from the scan!

My problem was resolved; my alveoli worked and progressively my lung capacity increased. I had no lung problems for 9 years!

This was an eye-opening experience and my way of seeing the world has totally changed…

After many years of reflection and total immersion in the hospital world and conventional medicine, I learned a lot about myself, with Paule’s help, of course. I learned that my body had closed from the violence and aggressively of the painful treatments. I didn’t know that it was possible to heal in a gentle way.

When I arrived at Paule’s office, with all the love and warmth she showed me, it created a new openness to healing in my body (I understood this later on). It was finally ready to receive Paule’s gift of love, gentleness, respect and deep healing. Physical contact, energy therapy, a look, listening.

I learned that our soul is intimately connected to our flesh, which listens, hears, understands and expresses.

It is enough to simply start with kindness.

Unfortunately, for the past 6 years, my lungs are in rejection, which sometimes happens with transplants at some point. But I am confident. I’ve known 9 beautiful years without rejection and it’s been fabulous.

I’ve learned so much about our organs, their symbolism, on the link between “dis-ease” and disease. Between the mind and the body, how the body communicates, opens and closes, that which is intimately linked to our mental states and what comes our way.

I remain convinced that technical medical feats are fabulous, my personal history is proof of that, 15 years later I’m still alive thanks to an organ transplant – a medical feat – just unfortunately too often dealt with technically without taking into account the psychological parameters of the receiver, pre- and post-transplant; hospitals are not yet equipped in this respect.

Humanly, we are very ill prepared for transplants. This is regrettable. Recently a friend of mine with a transplant, who is as Cartesian as I am, said to me, after an unsuccessful transplant, “you know Stephanie, my body rejected my transplant because I didn’t say goodbye to my old graft, I didn’t want to let it go.”

Recently an osteopath has arrived at the centre at which I’m being treated for the rejection, in other words a door has opened to a new way of working. Our bodies are not touched anymore; they haven’t been “listened to” for a long time. This osteopath is a true benediction, for which I waited 43 years to see! Before they would say that an osteopath would do no more than a physical therapist, which isn’t true at all. And it’s truly enjoyable to be in contact with our body, not just numbers or machines.

Cystic fibrosis and other incurable diseases aren’t vanquished with listening and goodness alone, but certain serious pathologies, for example multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease and others can be accompanied by alternative medicine, as can cancers, neurological diseases and so on.

I have lived incredible moments with respect to my organs, from my kidneys to my heart, my intestines (very receptive), my lungs, breathing…when your tension goes down following a friend’s visit, or better results follow a good day of presence at the hospital or in reanimation, anytime I’ve been in a positive and supportive environment, my body has always positively responded.

This is true for all diseases. Professor Cabrol, transplant surgeon, recently deceased, used to say that “you have to love people to cure diseases, it’s essential. An exceptional man.

Throughout my entire life as a patient, the chance to meet human doctors has been rare. But I have had some great doctors, who have carried out incredible feats, formidable cures.

« We lose a lot of time by not healing… by ignoring the psychological aspect of a patient.»

It is time to reinvest goodness, compassion and respect in conventional modern medicine. In any case, this is what I believe seeing you all present today. And I’ve never believed it more than with Paule as an initiator, a practitioner, as powerful energy.

I want to thank Paule for introducing me to energy medicine, and for sharing her powerful energy with me. Thank you, Paule, and thank you to each of you who have taken the time to read these words.

"At first I was very doubtful and afraid"

J. Pinto

“I’ve known Paule Ryckembeusch for more than 10 years, so I can attest to the following points:

Paule Ryckembeusch is a pioneer. Having worked a lot over her career, she has created a new, humane and effective approach of working with energy.

At first, I was very doubtful and afraid.

Anyone who met Freud at the beginning of the last century might’ve been in the same state of mind as I was at first…but Paule knows how to explain things, and with time you understand her work and the creative process that goes with it.

I was confronted with the fact that, as a rule of thumb, anything that isn’t Cartesian provokes questions, scepticism and rejection…These modern times don’t encourage the sharing of knowledge, and as paradoxical as that may seem, people don’t tend to be open to subjects that are unfamiliar to them.

Paule knew how to explain this subject to me in a way that I could understand.

I came to Paule with a personal need, and with her I feel like I’m progressing.

She was also able to heal my dog, Harty, of an illness that all the other veterinary doctors, including one from abroad, had said was impossible to heal.

In closing, I highly recommend Paule for her respectful and caring way of helping others. She created her institute where a lot of kind people meet, speak and share their knowledge.

Paule Ryckembeusch is a wise woman.”

Healing through kindness